Career Guidance Cell


The Career Guidance Cell at IIIT Dharwad is driven by students and assisted by faculty for career development of students.


Why Recruit from IIIT Dharwad?


Median CTC

35 LPA

Highest CTC

11 LPA

Average CTC

Outcome-Based Education Emphasis

Demonstrates that students are trained to meet specific objectives, indicating their skills are parallel to industry needs.

Holistic Curriculum

The balanced mix of theory, core subjects, breadth areas, soft skills, and projects ensures students are well-rounded and adaptable

Specialization Opportunities

Elective subjects encourage students to pursue specialized knowledge, making them ideal candidates for roles requiring niche expertise.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Exposure to a variety of subjects promotes a diverse skill set, enabling graduates to approach challenges from multiple angles.

Project-Centric Learning

The focus on projects allows students to apply theoretical knowledge practically, preparing them for real-world scenarios.

Institute Autonomy

An academic Senate with industry professionals ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and responsive to industry trends.

IT-Focused Curriculum

Specializing in IT-related fields from the start shows candidates' alignment with technology-driven industries, meeting modern job demands.

Practical Learning Opportunities

Involvement in projects and hackathons showcases candidates' practical skills and problem-solving abilities

Offered Placement CTC

Average Package of top 20% students in 2023.


Companies Visited

Placement Procedure

Note: The SRF provides the primary basis of communicating the details of the positions offered to the candidates. It is, therefore, highly desirable that the form is completed in all respects and it would be advantageous if it were accompanied by relevant company literature/JD.

Higher Studies

The institute helps students create a strong base that helps them accelerate their academic development, enabling them to pursue higher studies in top institutes in the country and abroad.


For any inquiries or if you would like to participate in recruitment activities at IIIT Dharwad, please contact the Career Guidance Cell (CGC) via email at marking cc to

CGC, Chairman

Dr. Prakash Pawar, Asst.Professor

CGC, Member Secretary (Placement Lead)

Mr. Ujwal Doddamani,
Email: /

Phone/WhatsApp Calls: Feel free to reach out to Mr. Ujwal Doddamani at +91 9886376600 for further assistance.