Vision Statement

           “To be a globally renowned academy of information technology for societal development.”

Mission Statements

      • To produce globally competent information technology professionals with the right mix of professional skills and ethical, societal and environmental concerns.   
      • To solve local problems using global technologies and solve global problems using local technologies across disciplines. 
      • To project the nation to the forefront of information technology research and development.

Core Values

  Integrity, Service, Positivity, Commitment and Passion for Technology


      • To emerge amongst the foremost institutions in information technology and allied fields of knowledge in the global context.   
      • To advance new knowledge and innovation in information technology and allied fields to empower the nation to the forefront in the global context.
      •  To develop competent and capable youth imbued with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship with the social and environmental orientation to meet the knowledge needs of the country and provide global leadership in information technology and allied fields.
      • To promote and provide transparency of highest order in matters of admission, appointment to various positions, academic evaluation, administration and finance.