The Network

IIIT-Dharwad maintains the campus network backbone connectivity and internet connections on 24×7 basis. The IT Park has wired connectivity and also Wi-Fi Routers have been installed for benefit of students and faculty with a bandwidth of 50 Mbps.

IIIT-Dharwad provides the campus backbone services with Multi-Core OFC using 50 Mbps. It houses the 50 Mbps Internet connection to STPI, associated networking equipments and sufficient hardware to handle the critical backbone network services.

IIIT-Dharwad augments the academic departments’ needs through its own modest LAN of 60 nodes .The computers of IIIT-Dharwad are used to support Computational Practice Labs, General Purpose Learning & Internet access, & various co-curricular and other student activities.


The facility has a 10KVA UPS that was established in 2015 online UPS systems procured for providing backup power during the changeover and also UPS systems provide the power backup to the LAN.